Alien Star Dust: Signal to Noise

Alien Star Dust: Signal to Noise

Victoria Vesna, Ivana Dama, Clinton Van Arman, John Brumley, Paul Geluso, Rhiannon Catalyst, Anna Nacher, Eli Joteva, Debra Isaac, Zeynep Abes

VIRTUAL event transmitted LIVE from the INTEGRATRON
21 Dec 2020 - 4:00pm

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ALIEN STAR DUST: Signal to Noise, originally premiered March 10, 2020 in Vienna at the meteorite gallery of the Natural History museum. The artwork by Victoria Vesna has since evolved into a collective networked meditation due to times of crisis and quarantine.

The current iteration of ALIEN STAR DUST: Signal to Noise, is a global, collaborative and participatory artwork that brings us all into a space of healing and transcendence through visuals and vibrations.

Transmitting live from the Integratron on December 21, participants will be taken on a guided meditation as an invitation to feel into the complexities of 2020 while remaining grounded in the present.

12:00pm – 2:00pm – PDT VIRTUAL PANEL / DISCUSSION:

Introduction to the project + meet the performers and special guests talking about the power of sound, vibration and frequencies.
4:00pm PDT: VIRTUAL WALK TOUR of the Integratron:

At twilight, co-owner Joanne Karl will take us on a walking tour of the Integratron. We start projection mapping the seven meteorites falling on earth, in between each, live feed the map of the connected dots of participants.
4:40pm PDT 33 minute ALIEN STAR DUST Performance / Meditation:

The entire event is virtual, interactive and transmitting worldwide – visualizations will give the audience a sense of collective experience. in addition to the immersive audio journey.

HEADPHONES highly recommended for binaural sound experience.