Value(s) of NFT|ART

Value(s) of NFT|ART

Christiane Paul, Alex May, Tamiko Thiel and Anuradha Vikram

Value(s) of NFT|ART with Christiane Paul, Alex May, Tamiko Thiel and Anuradha Vikram
20 May 2021 - 12:00pm

NFTs (Non-Fungible-Tokens) have consumed conversations since early February and have left many with contradictory feelings of excitement, confusion and, in some cases, outrage at this rapidly growing art market. NFTs at the same time have disrupted traditions in the artworld and offered potential for democratization of the art market, provided a resource for artists to show and sell work, provided a lens for carbon traceability of transactions resulting in discussions about the carbon footprint of NFTs and raised questions about archiving digital art.

In order to gain an understanding about what's going on, we are sitting down with some experts to open up a dialogue for critical conversation surrounding these contentious possibilities. Christiane Paul (Parsons School of Design/The New School) and Alex May (contemporary British media artist/University of Hertfordshire) will will provide us with history and context of NFTs and their relationship to art, discuss the challenges of digital preservation for NFTs and artists' response to the environmental impacts and how this growing market might forever change the way we look at art. After their presentations, Tamiko Thiel (Virtual and Augmented Reality media artist) and Anuradha Vikram (Writer, curator and educator) will respond to the topics up and begin the discussion.

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