Hox Zodiac Dinner Hosted by Xtine Burroughs

Hox Zodiac Dinner Hosted by Xtine Burroughs

Xtine Burroughs

On Site: UT Dallas SP/N Gallery
25 Feb 2023 - 6:00pm

The Hox Zodiac allows the human-audience to experience the shared history and potential of genetic diversity among animals. Here, the idea of the Hox gene as a binding element is introduced and the Chinese animal zodiac and dinner table as the structure / space for discussion is employed, allowing the format to build based on the audience interaction. In neuroscience this is the emergent property of network connections, where a simple array of neurons can give rise to complex behaviors through interactions and adaptations.

The Hox Zodiac Dinner is a performative culinary event. There will be 12 small courses served to the participants. The event draws parallels to universally shared genetics and the Chines Zodiac symbols. It is quiet and meditative. There will be participants in the performance, and the event is open to all viewers to share the experience.

This is the final event of the ART AS SOCIAL PRACTICE: Technologies for Change exhibition.

Learn More: https://calendar.utdallas.edu/event/the_hox_zodiac_dinner_closing_event?...