Andrew Ortiz

Andrew Ortiz is a third year transfer student in the Design Media Arts Department. His recent work involves building abstract refractive projection devices. These machines consist of precise arrangements of lights, mechanisms and optics, allowing for the manipulation of light and shadow in real time in such a way that is not possible with digital projection. Aside from using light as a medium, Andrew often works with ink, creating both large and small scale abstract environments. These are sometimes executed with various drawings tools, from garbage scraps to designed, 3D printed pen-like objects. His work blurs the line between realistic textures suggesting natural forms and simple lines that decay one by one, resulting in dynamic compositions often appearing three dimensional and having qualities of optical illusions, while also appearing quite unstable and like they make break apart at any moment. SciArt Counselor, Assistant Instructor, currently Instructor Event + Exhibition Coordinator

Angela Yang

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Angela Yang attended Pasadena’s Westridge School for Girls, but explored her eclectic scientific and artistic interests over the summer at UCLA’s Nanoscience Lab and Sci|Art Nanolab Summer Institute, the U.S. Naval Academy’s Summer Seminar, and Columbia University’s Materials Science and Nanotechnology Program. Additionally, she works as a research assistant for the Minnich Research Group at Caltech’s Mechanical Engineering Department. This fall, Angela will be joining University of Pennsylvania’s VIPER Class of 2021, a dual-degree program specializing in energy research. In her free time, Angela likes to explore her surroundings through food and document her adventures on Instagram.

Anne Niemetz

Anne Niemetz

An Art|Sci Center alumni—will be joining us at the end of the quarter as the Bermant Foundation Resident. Anne is a media artist and designer working in the fields of wearable technology, interactive installation and audio-visual design. She is particularly fascinated by the convergence of art, science, design and technology, and she pursues collaborative and cross disciplinary projects.

Clarissa Ribeiro (Brazil)

Clarissa Ribeiro, Ph.D. in Arts, M.Arch, B.Arch, former Fulbright Scholar in Arts and Science, LASER talks’ chair in Brazil. With an interest in generative strategies in nature and in the algorithmic realm of computers, Clarissa Ribeiro explores form, effectiveness and consciousness as emergent phenomena in the most diverse systems and scales in both media arts and architecture. In her artistic practice and teaching, she navigates the universes of morphogenetic design in dialogue with robotics and digital fabrication, visual/media arts in dialogue with bioart/art and science strategies, exhibiting and working in collaboration with other artists, scientists, research groups and art collectives in her home country and abroad.

David Robert

David S. Robert is a filmmaker, writer and graphic designer. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, India, he moved to Los Angeles to make feature films for international audiences and to study film producing at UCLA. He studied Life Science in undergrad, and in grad school he double majored in Business Administration (Marketing) and Public Relations (Advertising). He has a diploma in Multimedia Arts and is well-versed in New Media. He extensively worked as an art director and creative director in film and Theatrical Poster Branding and Advertising besides writing and directing several feature shorts. He loves dogs and horses.

Dawn Faelnar

Dawn Faelnar is a Media Art Scientist with special interest in innovative projects that promote the beautiful collaboration between Art, Science, Design and Technology. Since graduating from the Design|Media Arts program at UCLA (minor in Neuroscience), and with nearly a decade of exposure to design development, new media and interactive technology, Dawn has been extensively involved in multimedia projects throughout the globe. Dawn spends her spare time obsessing over novelty paper, experimental music & cupcakes, and managing the continuing fundraising effort she co-founded for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan—Rebuild Cebu.

Eli Joteva

Eli Joteva is a Bulgarian intermedia artist and researcher based in LA. With a practice rooted in photography and digital media, she is deeply influenced by contemporary research in the fields of quantum mechanics, neurophysics and machine vision. The core of her current research explores organic and computational memory systems in relationship to imaging processes of the past and future. Joteva’s work has been exhibited at Culture Hub LA (2020), SPRING/BREAK Art Show (2020), xCoax (2020), DA Fest (2019, 2017), Ars Electronica (2017), Sariev Contemporary (2018) Fischer Museum (2013) Queensland Center for Photography (2013) among others. She holds an MFA from UCLA Design | Media Arts, a BA in Fine Arts from USC Roski and most recently completed The New Normal post-graduate research program at Strelka. She has been a resident artist at Vermont Studio Center, ACRE, Photo+Sphere and an active member of UCLA Art Sci Center | Lab since 2016. She is currently a curator for SUPERCOLLIDER Gallery in Los Angeles, a procedural animation artist and a director of virtual galleries for multiple online exhibitions.

Ellen Ferranto

Ellen Ferranto is a SciArt alumna and will be sharing her fascination with scientific and technological applications of origami in a group workshop entitled “Paper Planes: Basic Folds, Structures, and Movements." Her interests include physics, history, and paper sculpture.

Hsinyu Lin

Hsinyu Lin is an artist / researcher / educator who studies the modes by which internet shape and gets shaped by social, cultural, economic, and political dynamics. She co­-founded voidLab, an intersectional feminist collective for women, non-binary, gender nonconforming, trans and queer people to express individual identities through arts and technologies. Lin received her M.F.A. from UCLA Design | Media Arts and is currently a Visiting Professor at Loyola Marymount University. Lin’s work had been exhibited at the Hammer Museum, IndieCade Festival, Machine Project, and Gene Siskel Film Center.

Ina Conradi

Ina Conradi, Associate Professor at the Nanyang Technological University Singapore, School of Art, Design and Media, is an award-winning digital new media artist living and working in Singapore. Her works innovatively span several disciplines: digital painting, experimental stereoscopic animation, installation, architecture and new media. Ina’s research interests are in new media art investigations through art form that redefines the wide spectrum of what painting can be. Her explorations define the new pictorial experiences that translate traditional physical act of painting into variable media spaces, innovatively employing digital animation, VFX, and since 2010 stereography.

Joel Ong

Joel Ong (PhD, MSc.Bioart) is a media artist whose works connect scientific and artistic approaches to the environment. His recent works explore the visibility and audibility of ambient phenomena with a particular focus on the wind and the atmospheric microbiome. His individual and collaborative works have been shown at festivals and galleries internationally such as the Currents New Media Festival, Nuit Blanche Toronto, ISEA, the Seattle Art Museum, the Gregg Museum of Art and Design, the Penny Stamps Gallery and the Ontario Science Centre. Joel is an alumni of SymbioticA, the Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts in Perth, Western Australia, and holds a PhD from DXARTS at the University of Washington. He was a recipient of the Petro-Canada Young Innovators Award in 2020 and is currently an artist with the Biofrictions Creative Europe transdisciplinary research project. He is Assistant Professor in Computational Arts and Director of Sensorium:The Centre for Digital Arts and Technology at York University.

Mary Tsang

Mary Tsang is a hybrid of sorts, specialized in both Biology and Art from Carnegie Mellon University. She dabbled a lot in rainforest research and self-taught hydroponics, and has developed a passion for "do-it-yourself" biology, citizen science, and open source learning. Since graduation, she has co-initiated a documentary web-series on DIYBio and Bioart called DIYSECT, analyzing the social-political uses of biotechnology through the lens of biotinkering. She now wavers between observer and doer, using documentary video to explore the worlds she's interested in.

Osman Trieu

Osman Trieu is a second year undergraduate NanoEngineering student studying at University of California, San Diego. He was a part of the Sci|Art program in 2014. When he is not hovering over textbooks during the school year, Osman loves to keep up to date with the latest technology news, ski, and travel around the world. He has worked with medical and innovation companies in the information technology field and research & development for the past two years, and will continue doing so with a major petroleum company this summer. He is interested in the incorporation of smart technologies into everyday lives, at both the nano and macro scale. Osman is very excited to return this year for his second time as a NanoLab counselor.

Sanglim Han

Sanglim Han is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on the dialogue in, on, and around bodies. She explores and looks closely at our bodies through creating installations that incorporate with video, 3D animation, virtual reality, and real-time media performance. Her works have been presented internationally in various festivals and galleries including IDFX; Matadero Madrid Contemporary Art Center; Biennial Symposium for Arts and Technology. She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently a candidate for the MFA at UCLA DMA and a student researcher at UCLA Art Sci.

Sarah Popelka

Sarah Popelka studies cognitive science at UCLA and is interested in video games and films -- how they affect the brain, how to make them better, and how to play and watch them more.