Anne Niemetz

Anne Niemetz

An Art|Sci Center alumni—will be joining us at the end of the quarter as the Bermant Foundation Resident. Anne is a media artist and designer working in the fields of wearable technology, interactive installation and audio-visual design. She is particularly fascinated by the convergence of art, science, design and technology, and she pursues collaborative and cross disciplinary projects.

David Robert

Film Producer

David S. Robert is a filmmaker, writer and graphic designer. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, India, he moved to Los Angeles to make feature films for international audiences and to study film producing at UCLA. He studied Life Science in undergrad, and in grad school he double majored in Business Administration (Marketing) and Public Relations (Advertising). He has a diploma in Multimedia Arts and is well-versed in New Media. He extensively worked as an art director and creative director in film and Theatrical Poster Branding and Advertising besides writing and directing several feature shorts. He loves dogs and horses.

Joel Ong

Joel Ong is Assistant Professor in Computational Arts at York University in Toronto, Canada. His research explores emergent ways of interfacing with the natural elements through the lens of digital and interactive technologies. He is an alumni of SymbioticA and is also an artist with the UCLA ArtSci Collective.

Mary Tsang


Mary Tsang is a hybrid of sorts, specialized in both Biology and Art from Carnegie Mellon University. She dabbled a lot in rainforest research and self-taught hydroponics, and has developed a passion for "do-it-yourself" biology, citizen science, and open source learning. Since graduation, she has co-initiated a documentary web-series on DIYBio and Bioart called DIYSECT, analyzing the social-political uses of biotechnology through the lens of biotinkering. She now wavers between observer and doer, using documentary video to explore the worlds she's interested in.

Phorum Sheth


Theresa Liu

Graphic Designer