Global Art Sci Announcements

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Each year, the Buckminster Fuller Institute awards $100,000 to support the development and implementation of a solution that has significant potential to solve one of humanity’s most pressing problems.

This prize program is a call to the world’s artists, scientists, designers, architects, engineers, students, and entrepreneurs committed to playing a transformative role in addressing the biggest issues we face today.

Global Art Sci Events: 

Rita Blaik shows at Lot 1

Art|Sci network coordinator and Sci|Art instructor Rita Blaik is showing a collection of her work entitled Altered States at Lot 1 in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Altered States draws from her background as a materials scientist, using in-camera manipulation to enable the transformation of materials to new states: bringing airiness into solid, dense and heavy objects, and creating solid bodies out of fluids and light.


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